Monday, September 24, 2012

8hz Deep Alpha Meditation with EMDR

8hz is a deep alpha brainwave frequency and is near the Schumann Resonance or the earth's heartbeat which is 7.83hz. It's easy to entrain your brain to this frequency with its continuous beat. Every so often a 'tic' sound will be heard either from the left or right speaker. It alternates at regular intervals to simulate the effects of EMDR. You need headphones for EMDR to work.

Notice the tones and allow it to be your point of focus. Try to stay with it until the end. If any other thought comes to your mind, just acknowledge it and gently go back and focus on the tones. The tone is 15 minutes in length and having a session for even just once a day can give you beneficial effects in the long run.

Download longer versions of isochronic tones for meditation. Available only for customers of the ebook The Law of Attraction and Limiting Beliefs Simplified. The password is the first word of the first sentence of  Chapter 4 – Taming Your Thoughts.