EMDR Mid Theta Theta Waves Video for Health

Below is a video employing EMDR with the isochronic tones used in the post EMDR Mid Theta Waves Isochronic tones. It incorporates affirmations for health. Affirmations are more effective when you brainwaves are either in alpha or theta.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is properly used by Psychotherapists to treat trauma patients. It is not limited to eye movements only to synchronize the left and right brains. Listening to tones alternating from one ear to the other can give a similar effect. It allows your brain to resolve conflicts between your left and right hemispheres.

To maximize the effect of EMDR having only a small computer screen, you need to move your head to the other direction when the heart shaped object moves in one direction. What's important that you remain looking at the heart shaped object so that your eyes can move to the extreme left or right of your vision.

In time this meditation technique can help in manifesting your affirmations because you get to a theta brain wave state and synchronizes your left and right brain through EMDR.

Align your headphones as to what direction the heart shaped object is going. If it is going to the right, your right speakers should build up intensity.

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